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What you need to know about health in Costa Rica when you travel around


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Getting ill on your vacation is always unpleasant. Therefore it is always a good idea to visit a medical doctor to check your health before you leave for Costa Rica and ask for recommendations.

But – of course - you can’t control everything. It is a long journey to that tiny country (Europeans have to travel to the other end of the world) and for sure you will not be accustomed to the tropical climate. Your body has to coop with new kind of food and drinks.

Happily enough Costa Rica isn’t a country that put a heavy test on your health. Water is potable nearly everywhere, meat and fish in general are very fresh and lots of healthy fruits are waiting for you. It is always possible that your stomach will be irritated, but in most of the cases it is the worst a visitor will encounter.

It is a good thing to know that in the case you will be seriously ill or injured you will get quick and adequate help in Costa Rica. Health care is on a high level and is well organised.

We give you here some tips that are helpful to avoid illness in Costa Rica. There is also information available about some tropical diseases in the country. By the way, it is quite unlikely you will be a victim of one of these diseases.






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